Create Integrated Architecture strives for a close integration of research and research-based education within the field of architectural engineering. The group regards integrated design as a cornerstone in research, education and practice, exemplified by a high degree of inter-disciplinarity in its work and adoption of mixed methods. The group is built upon three foundational subjects integral to architecture; Sustainable Design, Health & Wellbeing and Architectural Tectonics

Create Integrated Architecture researches climate adaptation of build environments to develop an architectural practice that is ambitious in energy optimization and creating healthy, comfortable indoor environments enriched by the changing forces of light and climate. The group seeks to broaden knowledge on passive means and fossil free building operation, promoting sustainable human activity and investigating circular materiality.

Create Integrated Architecture applies a human-centered approach to architecture with the aim of enhancing health and quality of life in built environments. By addressing how humans perceive and interact with their surrounding environments and measuring the psychophysiological impacts of architecture, the group seeks to establish a better practice for designing with and for people of all physical and psychological dispositions.

Create Integrated Architecture investigates tectonics in architecture through experiments and developments related to specific materials, craft-based, industrial- and digital technologies, and industrial and practice-related innovation projects. The group researches tectonics in a multi-scalar crossing of architecture and engineering to develop the tactile, acoustic and visual qualities of architecture.

The interplay between the subjects of Sustainable Design, Health & Wellbeing and Architectural Tectonics brings forth new perspectives and visionary experiments in architecture across research and education. 

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